About Me

Who the Hell am I

Hello there, this is a noob tech researcher and who don’t have any educational background on computer science. Since childhood I was very inquisitive about technology. By breaking my toys tried to understand how that worked. I was addicted to electronics.  The components made me wonder how they worked. Computer was my dream. I got my first computer when I was 17. After getting computer  I thought about the Softwares, how they are made, which OS used to built them. Within few years I came to know about some programming languages. I had started to find which one will be suitable to learn for a beginner like me.  As I had only windows OS that’s why I had chosen C#. Still learning it and also PHP. By the time gather knowledge about Relational Mapping Databases.

My Mission

Make a tiny solutions center for beginner  Programmer and IT guys. I will try my best to find solutions for your problems. I want to share my knowledge with you and also gather knowledge from you all.

Trying to see myself as an IT Professional. Keep me in your prayers 😊